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Subtext Announces New Name and Rebrand

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Leading Real Estate Developer of Urban Communities Renames as Subtext  

St. Louis, MO – January 11, 2021 – Subtext, a St. Louis-based integrated real estate development company, announced today they have renamed the company to better reflect their business. Initially launched in 2012 as Collegiate Development Group, by co-founders Brandt Stiles and Timothy VanMatre, the company created exceptional living spaces for students at top universities across the United States. However, over the years they began to see an unserved market for young professionals after they left student housing. Conventional development wasn’t meeting their needs, which launched them into developing multifamily projects. 

“Our rebrand was born because Collegiate Development Group no longer reflected who we are – a firm that develops multifamily and student housing,” said Stiles. “We understood what our tenants wanted after leaving our student housing and we are here to provide it in the next step of their lives as young professionals. Subtext focuses on creating better ways for students and young professionals to live, work and connect.” 

Subtext is unique in the development market because it looks at real-world trends and research to create projects where Millennials and Gen Z can best experience community and authenticity. 

“Our company’s mission focuses on understanding the deep-seated economic, social, and emotional needs of our residents. It’s what is below the surface that drives what we do – hence our new name Subtext,” Stiles said. “The below-the-surface meaning drives our commitment to push the boundaries of what is expected and create spaces where residents belong, thrive, and live their best lives. The spaces we create are much more than just a place to live. We will continue meeting the needs of students and young professionals, one building at a time.” 

Subtext’s projects are as diverse as the cities where they are built. From Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Tempe, Arizona, Subtext has delivered mixed-use developments for more than 4,300 residents, with another 5,500 beds in the pipeline. 

About Subtext

Subtext is dedicated to providing an exceptional living experience in all of the communities we design and build. By approaching each step of the development process with passion and attention to detail, we are able to deliver our projects with pride and complete confidence in their quality. Open conversations and strong relationships with local partners allow us to create communities that benefit not only residents, but also the neighborhoods in which they exist. 

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