Before we were Subtext, we were Collegiate Development Group. Developing student housing, we quickly discovered a broader, unmet need: a new model of housing that serves students and young professionals whose economic, social and emotional needs aren’t met by conventional student and multifamily development.


Our approach to real estate development begins and ends with this emergent generation. How they interact. What they need. What they consider essential. What challenges they face—social and economic—and how new developments can help them pursue their best lives.

Our amenities are unique to each building, tailored to location and with hospitality in mind. A morning coffee lounge that becomes a bar at night. Maker spaces built both for collaboration and privacy. Co-working spaces and coach-led fitness classes. Smart units designed around efficiency and comfort, with tech that integrates into our residents’ everyday lives.


From site selection through construction, our focus on innovation and building community drives us to create better ways for people to live and connect.

Subtext develops properties that work hard to simultaneously deliver the highest value for our residents, above-market returns for our partners and vibrant spaces for our communities. That win-win-win mentality is built on fairness, consistent collaboration and repeated, programmatic partnerships with the cities and institutional investors we work with. Together is better.

We operate with transparency, letting data driving our decisions. Integrating our values into our business model, we are developing projects from New York to Oregon, building vibrant communities and lasting partnerships along the way.